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Second-Trimester & Later Abortion in Aurora, CO

Second Trimester & Later Surgical Abortion

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Information on Second Trimester & Later Surgical Abortion in Aurora, CO

A second-trimester & later surgical abortion is performed between 13-31+6 weeks pregnant. This procedure can be done in one day up until 17 weeks. Between 13-17 weeks, you will receive medication one hour prior to the procedure. This medication, misoprostol, will dilate the cervix (mouth to the uterus) to minimize the risks and pain of the procedure.

The appointment is slightly longer due to the need to pre medicate an hour in advance. It is preferable to make a morning appointment if  you are 13 weeks or more.

After 17 weeks, the procedure will require two days. The first day, a pill named mifepristone will be given to help the pregnancy separate from the wall of the uterus. Laminaria will also be placed in the cervix to assist with dilation. Together, these will assist in reducing the risk and pain of the procedure the following day. A morning appointment is preferable to allow these treatments time to work.

On Day 2, you will return with the office opens. You will receive oral medication, misoprostol, to dilate the cervix. This will be repeated as necessary until the cervix (mouth to the uterus) is open enough to perform the procedure to remove the pregnancy (described below). You can expect to spend 4-6 hours in the office on day 2.

Second Trimester & Later Surgical Procedure

The procedure to remove the pregnancy is then performed after the above preparation. The procedure is completed in approximately 10 minutes. The physician numbs the cervix with local anesthesia (lidocaine) and IV sedation will be administered. The pregnancy is removed by vacuum aspiration, or suction. No tissue is cut nor is any incisions made. Menstrual-like cramping will occur during the procedure and menstrual like bleeding will follow the procedure. Following the procedure, patients rest comfortably under supervision for approximately 30-60 minutes.

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