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The Colorado “Parental Notification Act” was passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2003. This law requires physicians or healthcare providers to notify a parent or guardian of the minor’s scheduled abortion procedure. This notification must occur 48 hours prior to the scheduled abortion procedure.

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Information for Minors:

The parent or guardian does not need to “consent” (approve) of the abortion procedure, but the law mandates a health care provider must notify the parent or guardian by written notice 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. The 48 hours begins at noon the day after the notification has been sent.

There are 4 ways a minor can have an abortion procedure.

The parent can sign a notarized statement that they are aware of the minor seeking such care. Proper identification of both the minor and parent, as well as a birth certificate confirming this relationship. (If the person is a legal guardian, the legal documents reflecting this must be presented as well). The minor can have the abortion procedure the same day under these circumstances.

The minor will need to come into the office with a copy of her birth certificate, picture ID and a copy of mail addressed to the minor's parent. The appointment can be scheduled 3 days following the day the notification is mailed.

If you are a minor seeking an abortion and you are sure that you cannot tell your parent or guardian about your pregnancy, you can petition for an order from a judge to allow you to have an abortion without notifying anyone. To find out more about the judicial bypass process, you can call the toll-free Judicial bypass hotline (866) 277-2771. Once the decision to terminate the pregnancy is made, an appointment should be scheduled with our office. It is from this appointment date and time the remaining steps of the judicial bypass are influenced.

This process must be done through the courts. The minor is required to display their independence. The minor needs to be at least 15 years old, does not live with the parent, guardian or foster parent and financially supports and takes care of their self.

The minor will need to be 15 years old and be able to display their independence. They must not live with the parent, guardian, or foster parent nor should they rely to them financially.